Private Health Insurance Discount

This policy offers significant discounts on our Annual Multi Trip and Single Trip policies for Insured Persons who have Private Health Insurance with inpatient medical cover abroad with a minimum of €55,000. We provide the same benefits as our standard travel insurance policy, except the policy recognises that your Private Health Insurance covers you for inpatient Medical Expenses abroad, up to the limit in your Private Health Insurance policy. The policy will top up that amount to the medical expenses limit in the policy allowing you to save money on travel insurance premiums without sacrificing cover.

The Private Health Insurance plans below provide cover for emergency inpatient medical costs overseas, up to the individual policy limits. Inpatient medical expenses cover will commence when you have reached the medical expenses limit on your private health insurance plan. Outpatient Medical Expenses costs are covered by this travel insurancepolicy and are subject to the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy.

VHI Plan A Laya Economy Aviva Healthcare (All Plans) VHI Plan P
VHI Plan A Options Laya Economy Plus   Laya Health Manager Starter
VHI Plan B Laya Health Manager   Laya Company Care Starter
VHI Plan B Options Laya Health Manager Gold   Garda Medical Plan
VHI Plan B Excess Laya Family Care   European Health Insurance Card (E111)
VHI Plan C Laya Personal Care   Prison Officers Association - Medical Plan
VHI Plan C Options Laya Company Health   State Medical Card
VHI Plan D Laya Company Health Plus    
VHI Plan D Options Laya Company Care    
VHI Plan E Laya Company Care Premium    
VHI Plan E Options Laya Credit Union Family Starter    
VHI First Plan Laya Credit Union Family Plan    
VHI First Plan Plus Laya Economy Plus Excess    
VHI Family Plan Laya Economy Plus Starter    
VHI Family Plan Plus Laya Health Manager Silver    
VHI Forward Plan Laya Company Care Choice    
VHI Company Plan      
VHI Company Plan Plus      
VHI One Plan      
VHI One Plan Plus      
VHI Company Plan Plus Select      
VHI Company Plan Extra Excess      

You should check out details of your Private Health Insurance - here are links to the current providers of this cover:-

Blue Insurance Limited trading as is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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